Friday, February 28, 2020

Day 28 - 4 Weeks Old - Passed Hearing Exam

Today was filled with typical hospital-type activities.  He had his lines changed on his IVs, his dressing changed on his PICC line, and got his Hep B vaccine.  Today's big victory was he passed the newborn hearing exam - yay!  That was a big relief to this mama's heart knowing that he can hear us.  We will have to follow up with an audiologist in the future since he's at a higher risk of hearing loss, but for now he's good. 😊 

Jesse had the day off, so he came to spend it with us.  There was a big water main line that busted in Houston yesterday, so it's made a bit tricky as far as water availability and safety goes.  Yesterday, we didn't have any water up on the 23rd floor.  Today, we were able to do things like flush the toilets, but were told to boil any water before consumption.  Fun times!

This afternoon, we FaceTimed the boys and got to see their sweet faces.  They are spending the weekend in Louisiana again, since Jesse is working and I'll need to be with Jude 24/7 at the hospital.  It feels a little like being in prison here, but each day brings us one step closer to home. There's several things we have to do (besides finish antibiotics) before we can leave the hospital, so I've been pushing to get as much done now as we possibly can.  Hoping that when antibiotics are finished and scans are done we will be cleared to go back to our apartment in Houston, then home to Dallas.

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