Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Days 29-32 - Just Being Jude

Sorry for not updating the last few days.  Jude has continued to do well and our days here at the hospital are quite mundane - which is a good thing!  I've been staying with Jude at night and Jesse comes up during the day to give me a break and help out.  It's a tag team approach. A few items to celebrate over the last few days:

  • Jude passed his car seat test!  He had to sit in his seat for 90 minutes showing that his sats could stay in the required range.
  • I took an infant CPR class required for Jude to go home
  • Jude is eating well and gaining weight daily.  He's currently right at 9 lbs.
  • Because is doing so well, we were able to have his vitals requirements cut back to only every 8 hours instead of every 4.  Which means we went a whole 8 hours last night without any interruptions.  Jude still woke to feed during the night, but it was nice not to have blood pressure checks and iv flushes and who knows what else at all hours of the night.
Plans for the week are:
  • Jude is going to get an MRI at the end of the week to check to make sure he doesn't have any abscesses on his brain caused by the meningitis.  
  • He will finish his antibiotics on Monday as long as the MRI comes by clear
  • Hoping to get to go home on Monday or Tuesday of next week, barring any other complications

In other news, we checked out of our first VRBO this morning and will move to a new apartment for the next 2 weeks.

The boys continue to do well in Louisiana and we are hoping to see them again this weekend. 

We call this the "sneaky Jude"
He was pretending to be asleep,
then would open his eyes when we walked away
Car Seat Test

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