Saturday, March 7, 2020

Days 33-36 - Counting Down Our Hospital Days

The last few days have continued with us still in the hospital receiving antibiotics, but Jude continues to do well. Jude had his MRI on Thursday and no significant findings were shown. Right now, the plan is to finish antibiotics Monday and then we will be free to go Celina! We thought we would need to stay a week in Houston, but we’ve been cleared to go all the way home and follow up with our cardiologist in Plano in one week. The next few months will see us coming back to Houston for monitoring appointments and tests until it’s time for his first open heart surgery. I cannot express how hopeful we are for the end of this hospital stay and have our family together at home.

Our two older boys are visiting this weekend and we are enjoying the outdoors together while Jesse’s mom watches Jude for us in the hospital. The joy of the outdoors! I’ve realized I take so many things for granted, including freedom to enjoy the outside whenever I wanted. One of the things I most look forward to is taking Jude to the park in his stroller.

Jude is 5 weeks old!

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