Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Appointments in Houston Today

Jude has his 2 week post hospital discharge visits today. Due to the coronavirus precautions, only one adult was allowed to go inside with him, so Jesse waited for us in the car while I braved the hospital on my own. Not gonna lie, hospitals make me nervous and I feel overwhelmed. And that was before coronavirus. Jude was the only patient in the cardiology clinic this morning. Most people were asked to be rescheduled, but his cardiologist wanted to see Jude to check on his stent. First up, he had an echo and x-ray. His cardiologist said he is looking good and we are cleared for another month. Next month we will have a longer visit, adding some extra tests and possibly procedures. The goal is to give him some extra months to grow before he has to have his first open heart surgery.

Next, we went to the lab to have blood drawn to check his lovenox levels. The phlebotomist there was awesome and got the blood draw on the first stick. Jude’s levels came back at a good range, so no changes to his dosages. The hematologist saw him next and gave him the all clear, also for another month. At that time he will have to ultrasounds to check the blood clots. Hopefully, they will be gone and we can discontinue the daily shots.

We are headed back to Dallas now and are super excited that today went well.

Upcoming for Jude is a 2 month pediatrician appointment next week. Then he will follow up with his cardiologist in Dallas in a couple of weeks. Then back to Houston in a month.

Jesse started back to work last week and it is pretty crazy as I’m sure you can imagine. He is diligently applying all precautions and doing his best to stay healthy. We appreciate all he does for our family. A big thank you to all medical professionals right now who are truly the frontlines of this pandemic that’s taken the world by storm.

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