Monday, April 6, 2020

Cardiology appointment in Plano

Good morning! Jude just finished his cardiology appointment at Children’s in Plano. He is looking good, his sats are doing well, and he’s gaining weight. Which means he was given the green light. 😊

Our next planned step is a cath lab procedure to open up his left pulmonary artery and possibly balloon his stent. Right now, this is currently scheduled for April 23 in Houston. Texas Children’s is constantly changing their protocols and procedures now, so not sure if that will change. He will also get another ultrasound on his leg to check his blood clot status during that visit. We have been told to plan to spend one night in the hospital following the cath procedure since he will require anesthesia.

We will keep you updated and thanks for following along!

Jude getting an EKG

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