Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Cath Procedure Tomorrow

We are in Houston relaxing in our hotel room this afternoon, waiting for Jude’s heart cath tomorrow morning. He and I went to the hospital this morning for his Covid test and some pre-op bloodwork. Jude was definitely not a fan of the nose swab or pokes for bloodwork. The hospital is still only allowing one parent to go in with him, so Jesse and the boys are hanging out at the hotel while Jude and I go back and forth. Tomorrow morning we have to be there bright and early for his cath. The procedure will take several hours, then he will have to recover and get some post-op tests including an echo and ultrasound. We should also find out this week if his Lovenox (shots) will have to be continued another 6 weeks or if his clots are gone. We may have to spend the night in the hospital, depending on how he does after his procedure.

I know Covid-19 has completely turned the world upside down, and the same applies to the hospital. It is heartbreaking to know there are dads that don’t get to see their babies after the first couple of days until they are discharged from the hospital, which could be months. And moms are handing their babies over for emergent surgeries with no one to hold their hand while they wait for the news to know if their baby has survived. And I can only imagine how scary this is for those going through cancer treatments or have no immunity during this time. I know that we have all been affected in different ways during the pandemic, but seeing how some others are suffering makes me realize how much I have to be thankful for.

The hospital is only allowed to do extremely urgent cases right now. Jude’s procedure falls into this category. If his flow levels and sats are not kept in a certain window, he will not be a candidate for his open heart surgery he needs later this year. And he will not be able to survive without that open heart surgery. Thank you for following along, and I’ll be posting tomorrow with updates.


  1. I am praying for y’all sweetie God is so good. I just know he will be right there tomorrow. I love y’all. Mrs. Susie

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