Thursday, April 23, 2020

Cath Complete and We’ve Been Released

Lots of good news to report today! Jude had his heart cath this morning and it went well. They were able to expand his stent, which helped his oxygen saturations go up to the 80s. While that would normally be a bad number, for him that is great and will buy him some time before he needs his open heart surgery. Since the procedure was relatively straightforward, and he did really well with the anesthesia this time, Jude was discharged and we are back at the hotel now!

During his recovery time, he had two ultrasounds and an echo to check his blood clots and his heart. The good news is that his blood clots have shrunk; unfortunately they are still there and he is required to get shots for 6 more weeks. At that time he will have another ultrasound to re-evaluate. While it is a bummer that he has to continue the shots, it is good to know that the medicine is working.

The echo came back good and our next step is a televisit with his Houston cardiologist next week.

It was a little eerie in the hospital today. Jude and I were the only ones in recovery today so he received a lot of personalized service from his nurses. Everyone was really wonderful and did a great job of taking care of him. It truly takes a village to take care of the heart kiddos like Jude, and Texas Children’s is a village we are thankful for. Covid-19 has completely changed the medical world and the way it operates. I am thankful Jude was still able to receive the care he needs even during this time of uncertainty.

I also wanted to say thank you to Ms. Tammy Schamerhorn for providing our dinner for tonight. The boys were super spoiled with their very on cheese pizza!

So many have helped us in the last year and we can’t say thank you enough. From gifts, to showers, to taking care of our oldest boys, to providing us meals, and all the uplifting notes and messages sent. We are truly grateful for the friends and family God placed in our lives. Thank you all!

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