Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Good Reports for Jude!

Just finished with our cardiology and hematology appointments here in Houston. He had his echo first, then met with the cardiologist. The cardiologist is pleased with how he looks and how he is doing. We will have a follow up with her again in 6 weeks.  The goal is still for him to continue to grow bigger before he has to have his first open heart surgery.

Next, we went to hematology (yesterday he had he ultrasounds done on his legs) and were told his blood clots are gone! Which means no more shots!!! Jude (and mom and dad) are super cute excited about this. This means for the first time in his 4 months of life he will go one day without having to be poked on. Shedding some tears of joy here right now!

We are now headed back home after a nice visit in Louisiana this past weekend and his appointments here. Thankful for the good news!

Next steps for Jude are his pediatrician appointment later this week. Then we will return to Plano in 6 weeks to meet with his cardiologist there.

Taking a nap during his ultrasound 

Alex enjoying our welcome gift at the hotel

Waiting to see the cardiologist

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