Friday, February 21, 2020

Day 21 - 3 Weeks Old

Today was a better day for Jude - yay! He’s on scheduled Tylenol now, so we may be masking the fevers, but he was so much more comfortable and alert. He even was awake several times today which was a huge relief for both of us. He was removed from the high flow oxygen and switched back to regular oxygen. Due to all the antibiotics his tummy seems to be upset, but we are working through that. We are not expected to get results on the tests to determine the type of meningitis he has until Monday. However, they are continuing to monitor his bloodwork to monitor his platelets, white blood cell count, etc.  Our hope is that he will continue to improve and have an uneventful weekend.

The older boys are staying in Louisiana this weekend to give them a break from traveling back and forth to Houston. Alex got his report card yesterday and made the B honor roll - we are proud of him for keeping up his grades even in this time of craziness that is our life. Yay Alex!

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