Saturday, February 8, 2020

Day 8 - Celebrating My Birthday with My Boys

A picture is worth a thousand words.  This one pretty much sums up our day today - Celebrating being one year older with my favorite people.  Love them all so much ❤️

Jude's status - no changes from yesterday.  Sats are lower, but not low enough to warrant restarting the medication.  His breathing rate has increased, but not too much.  It just takes him a little more work to eat than it did before.

For breakfast, we had some donuts delivered - thank you Randi Gleason!  I haven't had donuts since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so these were extra special 😊

The boys were able to visit with Jude again this morning, followed by my mom.  Everyone got a chance to hold him and give him some lovin'.

My favorite quote of the day by Josiah:  "Will you get him off of me?  I don't want him to slobber on me." 😂 😂 

Following our morning visit, we went to eat lunch at a ramen restaurant.  Alex is obsessed with all things Japanese right now and had asked to try Ramen.  I'll do a post about the restaurant later, but suffice it to say it was loved by all and Alex has asked to return next time.  My mom gave me a beautiful necklace with Jude's birthstone (forgot to take a photo, but I'll be wearing it tomorrow and will try to remember to then).

After resting at the apartment for a while, I returned to the hospital to visit Jude while Jesse and the boys went to the park for some outside time.  The boys are only allowed two 30 minute or one 1 hour visit a day, so on days when we have them we won't be able to spend as much time with Jude.  We know it's so important to spend some quality time with Alex and Josiah as well.

My women's bible study class from church had this sweet fruit gift delivered to the hospital - thank you ladies!

I was able to feed him and change his diaper, then spend some time snuggling before he went back to sleep.

Our sweet little bundle when I left him this evening

The boys surprised me with flowers, cards and King Cake for a little at-home celebration this evening.  I got my birthday present a few weeks ago - a new phone that would take good photos since I knew we would want lots of Jude and am not really sure when we may be able to get professional ones taken. 

I really did feel the love from everyone today and feel so grateful to have friends and family who love me.  Today was hard - the hormone swings have kicked in (Jas needs special prayers, friends, to deal with me 😂 ) I look around the CVICU and see babies who are so much worse off than Jude and know that we have so much to be thankful for, but I also want with all my heart for my baby to be okay.  Right now, we are in this unsure zone of surgery or not and it's taking an emotional toll.  We've known all along that he will need surgery eventually, but we are so hoping that it won't be needed until he's a little older.  I would do anything to trade places with him, to make him whole and better.  I've tried to savor every moment with Alex and Josiah this weekend, knowing that they have to return to Louisiana tomorrow.  I'm thankful for a day with all four of my boys and hopeful in a future of us all being together at home one day. 

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