Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Day 5 - Feeding, Clothes & Photos

Today was another day of watching and waiting on Jude.  His ductus is still open (and may still be for a while).  The team stated that each baby's ductus and it's activity is specific to each baby and there's no way to predict how long it will take to close.  So, in continuation of the last few days we are celebrating the small victories and just waiting to see what Jude will do.  Because of that, Jude was not presented at conference this morning, and the MRI for today was canceled (it won't be done until we know if he needs surgery).

Today's victories:
  • Jude was given the go ahead to try breast feeding.  It took a few minutes to get it all figured out for both of us - but he succeeded!!  This is a huge step for me, because I was afraid he wouldn't want to latch on after bottle feeding.  He nursed several times today and we couldn't be more happy about that.
  • A photographer came around and took some cute individual and family photos of us.  This is an all-volunteer service offered weekly - which we loved having!

  • The boys have been given the clear to come visit Jude this weekend - yay!
  • Since Jude is maintaining his body temperature correctly, he can now move to a crib.
  • Since the umbilical line was removed today, he is allowed to wear clothes for the first time. ❤️ He was not happy at all about getting dressed, but he looked so cute afterward

We got to have lots of snuggle time today:

Back in Louisiana, Alex & Josiah are doing well.  They attended a school event for their Aunt Marissa tonight.

Alex said he had to have this photo because his
name is in it 😂 

Josiah said the punch was delicious!
Can't wait to see them this weekend!  Every day when we Face Time they are both so excited to see Jude.  We are really looking forward to having all three of them together for the first time.  We've both been struggling with missing them and home, looking forward to the time when our family of 5 can be all together.

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