Sunday, February 9, 2020

Jude's Room

I took a few photos this afternoon of Jude's room, just to give you an idea of where we spend the majority of our days.

Cubby with curtain for some privacy while I pump or when we sleep
The couch folds out into a bed

Bathroom with shower

Jude's bed and monitors

Hospital Pump - Medela Symphony
I have a separate one I use at home

Closet to keep personal belongings and includes a safe

It really is a nice size and it's great to have a personal area to rest.  Jude also has a TV over his bed that we can put music on to drown out the beeping and other noises around. There's a separate TV in the living space that we can watch while Jude is napping.  This came in handy when the boys visited this weekend.  

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