Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Days 24 & 25 - Movin' On Up...to the 23rd Floor

Thankfully yesterday was a normal, uneventful, fever-free day.  Jude did well eating, sleeping, and other normal baby things.  He did have to go down to get a CT scan of his heart, but it was short and no anesthesia was needed. We even made an attempt to dress him for the day 😊

A Mammaroo - Jude's new favorite contraption

This morning, I dropped Jesse off at work, then went to the hospital to spend the day with Jude by myself.  We received the long-awaited and very wonderful news that we are able to move out of the CVICU and up to the CPCU (Cardiac Pediatric Inpatient floor).  We will be here for at least 12 more days while Jude gets his IV antibiotics.  On this floor the nurse to patient ratio is higher, so more reliance on care from mommy and daddy.  We are more than happy to care for him though because it means he is getting well!

Several of the monitors were able to come off, so no more stickers on his head!  And he doesn't have to be continually monitored on the blood pressure cuff.  Right now he's sleeping peacefully in his big boy bed, which makes my heart happy.  

We have a view of downtown now

One other thing that made my heart happy yesterday was this little photo:

Josiah was missing his mommy, so he sent me a photo.  Love him!

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