Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Texas Children's Celebration Dinner

This is post to provide help for anyone who may be choosing to deliver their newborn at Texas Children's Hospital.

When delivering at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, you are allowed to order a Celebration Dinner for you and a guest to share in your room.  We chose to partake in this during our last night's stay in the hospital.  We weren't completely celebrating victory at this point with Jude, but celebrating his birth just the same. 

Here's a photo of the layout. We each receive a salad, soup, entree, then a sparkling drink and dessert to share.

Sparkling apple juice
Chili Corn Bisque

Garden Vegetable Soup
Pork Chop
Dessert - Chocolate Cream Pie

It was nice to sit down for a bit, just enjoy each other's company, and celebrate the birth of our little bundle.  It would have been even better to have Jude there beside us, but it was still comforting to know he was just next door and 5 minute wheelchair ride away.  

Hope this helps!

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