Saturday, February 22, 2020

Day 22 - Things are Looking Up!

Jude was awake and alert today!  He's on scheduled Tylenol, so we aren't really sure if he's still running a fever.  But he was eating (lots!) and sleeping and doing normal baby things again.  Some victories for the day:

  • Oxygen was removed this afternoon and he is doing okay on his sats so far without it
  • He was moved back into a big boy bed last night
  • He started nursing again today without any issues
  • He had his IV line in his arm removed, so he only has one PICC line in his leg left
  • His white blood cell count went down which is good and his platelets went up, which is great
  • One of the cultures came back today testing positive for bacteria from his old neo-PICC line - this gives us an answer for the source of the infection
Lows for the day:
  • Because of the type of bacteria that was found on the culture, he will need a minimum of 3 weeks IV antibiotics (today was 1 week), which means we have at least 2 more weeks in the hospital
  • We don't know the exact type of bacteria, so we have to wait for more test results to come back.  Once we know the type, they will know exactly how to treat it 
Jude had a new visitor today and loved hanging out with Grampie! 

Also, Jude may be a little spoiled - we had quite a time getting him to lay down without fussing tonight.  We are thankful he had a good day today and hope he continues to improve daily.

Meanwhile, back in Louisiana, Alex and Josiah went on a day trip to Natchitoches to visit their aunt, then went to a crawfish boil.  Alex got to help wash the crawfish off and they both ate some., which a win with these two picky eaters.

Don't think Josiah was really into touching them 😂 

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