Saturday, February 15, 2020

Day 14 - Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday was a long and tiring day.  Basically, we were unprepared for how long it takes for a newborn to come completely out of anesthesia.  In the morning he was in pain, not eating well, and just in general felt bad.  Poor little guy!

Thankfully, by the evening, he made a turn for the better and seemed to be coming back to his normal Jude-self.  And we had to get a few two week old photos. ❤️

His little faces he makes put a smile on your face.  He's so serious!

Our other two kiddos came over in style 😊

We told them not to get used to it.  😂

We celebrated Valentine's Day with dinner at McDonald's and just hanging out at the apartment playing cards.

Josiah did not like this because he said it looked too dark 😂 

Celebrating Jude's recovery

Cookies from friends in Dallas from NYC
Alex was so happy!
For now the plan is to continue in the ICU this weekend until Jude is ready for step down.  We will keep everyone updated as things change.  For now, we are relieved that he is feeling better and the stent seems to be working.

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  1. Baby Jude has some serious looking faces! I see the older ones are enjoying their accommodations! Praying for all of you!