Monday, February 24, 2020

Day 23 -- Bacteria Found and Continued Improvement

Jude has continued to improve over the last 24 hours!

He is off oxygen and breathing well.  He has not had any more fever and he continues to eat well.  He is less fussy and seems to be very hungry -- he really likes to eat!

His blood culture is positive for a bacteria called Klebsiella.  The thought is the infection started as an infection in his PICC line and then spread to meningitis.  We are waiting on further tests to confirm that the antibiotics he is on will be sufficient, but the fact he is improving strongly suggests they are.  The plan right now is for a total of 3 weeks of antibiotic therapy -- that means we will be inpatient for at least 2 more weeks.  The duration could change depending on further testing or if he develops fever again. 

The boys adventures in Louisiana continue.  They got to sit in their cousin's race car 😊 visit the donkeys and drive around in the Ranger and Golf Cart.  All things they don't get to experience in Texas ❤️

Alex at "10 and 2" 😂 

Jesse heads back to work tomorrow, so I will be on my own with Jude.  Jesse works 24 hour shifts while in Houston and is scheduled to work 3 times this week.  Thankful that he has the opportunity to work while we are here, but we are going to miss him for sure!

We'd like to thank everyone for following along and for all the thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes.  Hopefully the worst of this hospital stay is behind us now!

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  1. Our families are praying for precious Jade and will continue to do so in jesus's name hey man