Thursday, February 20, 2020

Day 20 - Better Day!

Today started off a little rough with a 6 am phone call saying they were putting Jude on CPAP due to fast breathing. However, once we arrived and his fever went away, his breathing returned to normal. Overnight he had a blood and platelet transfusion to help with a couple of issues he has related to his meningitis.

He looked a little loss in all the chaos when we arrived. The CPAP was removed and changed to high flow oxygen where it remained for the rest of the day. It did have some apnea episodes, but nothing nearly as scary as yesterday.

His EEG wires were removed this afternoon and it showed no signs of seizure activity, which is great news! They don’t know what caused yesterday’s non breathing event. Hopefully, it will be a one time thing we never have to experience again.

The day continued in an uneventful fashion and we got him to eat from the bottle. We were even able to hold him again.

He got a bath and was settling in for the night when we left. Thank you everyone for reaching out and loving on us from a distance. Here’s hoping for another good day for Jude tomorrow!

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