Thursday, February 13, 2020

Presentation, Photos, Plans, & Poles

Yesterday Jude was presented at conference! The consensus was that he will need intervention in order to have enough pulmonary blood flow until his Glenn at 3-6 months.  However, they decided that he is a candidate for a stent via the cath lab and will not have to have open heart surgery right now.  This is a huge relief for us!  It also means that as long as the stent works, we should be getting lots of steps closer to getting to come home.

He did have to get blood drawn yesterday and it took 4 sticks - poor baby!  We had lots of snuggle time afterwards to make him feel better.

He also got his photos taken again yesterday. ❤️

Love these!

The plan for Jude is to go to the cath lab today for his stent; however, plans change here quite frequently, so we will wait and see how the day goes.  We will do our best to post updates after his procedure.  We are so relieved he won't have to have surgery right, now but still nervous for him.  He will have to go under anesthesia and will be intubated and that makes me nervous no matter which child that's happened to.  Praying that the stent will work and his procedure goes smoothly without complications.

And to end the post on a funny note - Jesse got the car window fixed yesterday - yay!  However, he felt the Buick hadn't been through enough this week, so he managed to hit a pole at the apartment 😂 It was a gentle bump, so nothing too bad.  But he can't make fun of my driving anymore!

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