Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Day 10 - Back on Oxygen

Today was supposed to be Jude's birthday, but well, life happened.  So instead, he is now 10 days old.  The morning started off the same as the last week.  However, in the afternoon during his nap, his sats started to drop into the upper 60s.  The team immediately put him back on oxygen and ordered an Echo to see if the PDA had closed.  They also ordered an x-ray of his lungs to check to be sure there weren't any other issues. 

We haven't received an official final report from those, but we were told preliminarily that his PDA is still open.  Right now we are waiting for rounds this morning to ask our questions and find out what the plan will be going forward. 

For now, just asking for prayers for Jude.  When we left last night he was exhausted from a day of tests and people working on him.  If you've ever taken care of a sick child, you know that look they give you with their eyes that just says I don't feel good?  That was so Jude last night.  It's so hard as a mom to know your little one hurts and there isn't anything you can do about it.  We went home last night emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. 

Today is a new day and he has a wonderful day nurse today.  Hoping for improvements for Jude and a better day today!

Taken before oxygen yesterday
Alex & Josiah picked out this lovey for him
Jude's flower from church this past Sunday ❤️ 

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