Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Post-Op Day 5: All Good Reports So Far


Today was a good day! Jude had an echo and X-ray this morning that all came back as expected. No issues or fluid build up, which is great! The doctors wanted to monitor him for one more day, then as long as no new issues and X-ray tomorrow looks good, hopefully he will be discharged tomorrow. After our experience last time, we’ve told ourselves not to get excited until we have discharge papers in hand. 

Also, being in the hospital and around people has helped a lot with stranger anxiety. He still doesn’t love them, but at least he doesn’t scream every time someone walks in the room. 

He’s moving around really well, climbing on everything and crawling everywhere. The most important thing for us to remember is we can’t pick him up under the arms for the next six weeks. Think scoop like a newborn. Otherwise he is self-restricting, so whatever he is comfortable with doing. Here’s a little video from his walk in the hall today. 

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