Saturday, April 24, 2021

Post-Op Day 2: ICU Continues

 Quick update for the evening: Jude continues to do well! He had the following removed today:

  • Central line 
  • Pacer wires
  • Monitor for brain oxygen levels
  • Oxygen
All great things and he's ready to move from the ICU to the regular floor, but due to timing and availability they chose to keep him on the ICU floor for one more night. He was having some pain this morning, but he was able to get some meds that helped him.  He was eating well today.  He still has his chest tube in and is getting diuretics to help with fluid retention.  That will be one of the last things to be removed, but it is still producing more fluid than they would like before it can come out.

This afternoon he was sitting up on his own, talking to us, and still watching the Zoo channel. We FaceTimed his brothers several times today and he was telling them a few things too. 😜

Jesse is spending the night with him tonight, so hopefully they will both get some sleep and be ready to continue good things tomorrow!