Monday, April 26, 2021

Post-Op Day 4: No more lines!


We had another good day today - yay! After bloodwork and x-ray it was decided Jude's chest tube could be removed.  They gave him so extra pain medicine to help (the removal is painful, but quick).  After that he was able to take off the continuous telemetry, so all those wires went away as well.  His IV infiltrated when they flushed it, so it was removed.  His hand was a little puffy for a while, but is all better now.  He had physical therapy, and they gave him walker to use up and down the hall.  He was able to move around much better without the chest tube and he crawled around, getting into everything.  He had another x-ray and an EKG this afternoon.

Jesse is spending the night with him tonight, and hopefully they will both rest well.  Jude is normally a good sleeper at night and usually still takes two naps during the day.  At the hospital daytime naps get blown out of the water and he wakes up at night with all the meds, IVs, and vital checks.  Hence the dark circles under his eyes.  Also, he's nosy, so since we are in the room with him, he wants to constantly check and see where we are. 😏

The plan for tomorrow is Bloodwork (again, ugh - he has to get poked every morning 😢thankfully, they've been able to draw pretty easily, but he hates being held down), X-ray, Echo.  Hopefully only a few more days in the hospital as long as everything continues to look good. Then we will stay in Houston until our surgical follow-up which should be a week after discharge.

We brought a Roku stick with us so we can get Disney+ and he loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :) Oh, also his cardiologist stopped by just to say hello and see how he was doing.  The floor has a rotating cardiologist, so this was just a courtesy visit for Jude.  She is so wonderful, and we are so thankful that our Dallas cardiologist recommended us to her. 

Thank you everyone for your kind words.  I don't get a chance to reply to everyone, but please know we appreciate everyone's words and kindness!

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