Sunday, April 25, 2021

Post-Op Day 3: Moved to Step-Down

 We had a good day here at the hospital. Jude got to move to the step-down floor! He still has his chest tube, so getting it removed is his next big hurdle. He'll continue to have vitals taken every 4 hours, he has IV Lasix every 12 hours to help with fluid retention, and pain meds every 6 hours (the chest tube is painful, but hopefully once that gets pulled his pain will ease). Every morning at 4 am (yay! not) his has a chest X-ray, then blood draw after that.  So with all of those things going on, rest is not something he has gotten a whole lot of.  

He is eating solids foods again! He loves bananas so he has had lots of those and then some veggies tonight.  He's eating like a champ. Also, he had his bandages removed this morning, but his wound is healing nicely.

He was also able to wear clothes today! 💙

Physical Therapy stopped by today with a mat for him to sit and move around on.  The sooner he is able to get around the more it helps with clearing his congestion.

After we moved to his new room, we put the mat next to the couch so he would have something to pull up on and he enjoyed that.  He was moving around pretty well, but it tires him out easily right now. His energy will get better with time and definitely when the chest tube is gone and not in the way any more.

Yay for progress and good days! We were able to do in 3 days what it took him 3 weeks to get to in his first stay, so we are all excited about that. He loves talking to his brothers on FaceTime, and Josiah was so excited to tell us he rode his bike without training wheels for the first time! 😀We all miss being with Alex and Josiah and look forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon.  

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