Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Houston, We Have Arrived

Yesterday was moving day, and we have made it here safely.  Thank you to everyone for the kind words, thoughts, prayers and help along the way so far.

After packing for two days and hoping we had everything we might need, here's what our house looked like:

Our poor car was so loaded down 😊

Also, we took a few photos in Jude's room before we left.  We put the finishing touches on it just a few days ago, so now it's ready for him to come home and enjoy.

And here's our two big boys ready for their adventure to Louisiana:

They were packed in pretty tightly 😅We met my dad and stepmom about halfway to Houston, where we gave them the boys and their things to go to Louisiana.  Saying goodbye to them was hard.  We know they will be taken good care of while we are away, but it still is so sad to have to leave them for what is an unknown period of time.  We are definitely looking forward to their first visit!

A few photos of the boys after we left them:

Josiah got donuts on the way home, so he was happy :)

Jesse and I continued our journey down to Houston to check into what will be our home for the next few weeks.  We rented a VRBO apartment not too far from the hospital, and it's absolutely perfect for what we need.

Living area with a fold out sofa for when the boys come to visit

Our bedroom

View from our patio - including a very peaceful fountain

After checking in and getting settled, we decided to have a "we made it to Houston without going into labor early" dinner at The Original Ninfa's on Navigation.

Shrimp Diablo

Sopapillas - the best I've ever had
I had a small cheat from my diet by eating a sopapilla, but it was soooo good.

All in all, we had a good day and made it safely.  Hopefully, for the next couple of weeks we can rest, enjoy each other's company, go to our doctor appointments, and see a few sights in Houston.

We did get some cute photos of the boys to close out the evening letting us know they made it to Louisiana.  They got to have a late Christmas with Grampie and Nana Tish, so they were excited about that!

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  1. Love it all. What a blessing for those boys to have this special time in louisiana