Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Cardiology Check-Up in Houston

 We returned from Houston yesterday for Jude's check-up with his cardiologist.  Since his regular cardiologist is still out on medical leave, we were assigned a new, temporary one.  After a series of procedures including an echo, x-ray, EKG, and all his vital checks - all of which he loves (please note the sarcasm here), we had the fastest doctor meeting we have had yet (it lasted 5 minutes tops). The doctor said everything looked stable (which is good), except for maybe a new rhythm on Jude's EKG (possibly not good).  Which meant Jude would need to be hooked up to a 24 hour EKG (called a Holter) and we have to return in a few weeks (the week before his scheduled surgery date) to have a repeat EKG and make sure there isn't a rhythm issue.  

This photo was taken mid-appointment - Jude knows how to turn on and off the waterworks 😏

Thankfully, the Holter is something we could do at home and mail back, so we didn't have to spend another night in Houston (yay!).  Also, we were pleased to be able to go home and no needs to move his surgery up due to emergent issues. Anytime we get to leave an appointment and go home is a celebratory day. 

This photo was taken this morning right before we took off his Holter.  Surprisingly, it didn't seem to bother him as much as I thought it would.  We kept his onesie and pants on all through the day and night and he never messed with the wires.  You can't see it below his leg, but there's a little box at the bottom that keeps up with all the inputs.  We just tucked that part in his pants, so it looked like Jude had a little extra junk in his trunk for the last 24 hours 😂. This procedure is something Jude will have to do many times throughout his life.  Because of his heart's anatomy, it is important to monitor his heart rhythms and head-off any issues.  Hopefully, the anomaly that popped up yesterday on the EKG was just a fluke and not a sign of something more serious.  

In the meantime, we are looking forward to spending Easter together as a family and celebrating Josiah's 6th birthday here at home next month.

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