Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Jude 6 Month Update

Good afternoon!  I know we haven't written in a while, because thankfully there haven't been any major changes with Jude or our family.  I so look forward to the days when we can fill this blog with posts of travels and fun family days.  Until then, we will continue to give updates of Jude's progress.  Jude turned 6 months old on July 31, and he continues to do well with his oxygen sats.  We were scheduled to visit Houston last week, but due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Houston, we were able to push it off until September.  He continues to see his cardiologist here in Dallas and she is pleased with how he is doing.

Children with Congenital Heart Disease commonly encounter developmental issues, so it is important that we have Jude monitored throughout his life.  This will help to identify any issues early on and get him help if it determined that he may need it. We just finished a televisit with the Developmental Outcomes Clinic in Houston, where they asked questions about Jude's development and watched him perform a few simple activities to monitor his progress.  His doctor seemed pleased with all the answers and video and Jude has been given the all-good from that clinic for another 6 months. That's great news to know that he continues to grow both physically and mentally on path as he should.  

To finish the post, here's a spot of cuteness to hopefully brighten your day:

Right now, we don't have any definite dates of his upcoming surgery, but will keep everyone posted.  Thank you for following along!


  1. So much love for little guy. Can't wait to see him grow.