Tuesday, April 26, 2022

One Year Post-Op Visit

 We are headed home from Houston for the first time in a year (it’s a huge relief to be able to say that). Jude had his one year post-op visit today to check on his heart and make sure it’s working like it should. Overall, it seems like his heart is doing well. The only possible cause for concern is he does have some collaterals that have grown. This is his body’s way of responding to the lower amount of oxygen he receives. So it grows collaterals to try to get more oxygen to the lungs. The problem is this can cause the blood from the collaterals not to get fully oxygenated and causes his oxygen saturations to go below the target level. For now it’s just something to monitor by checking his oxygen levels regularly, which we already do at home. Also, the collaterals will have to be corrected by adding coils via a cath procedure before his next open heart surgery.

We were also told to prepare for his next open heart surgery to be next spring. He will be 3 years old and that is typically the beginning window for when the Fontan surgery takes place. It was earlier than we were initially expecting, so are a bit bummed about him going through a major surgery again so soon. But we definitely want to do whatever will give him the best long term results. 

We will return to Houston again in 6 months to check in with his cardiologist and get started on the steps to be taken before his next surgery.

Positives from today: Jude’s stranger anxiety is soooo much better. Although he still didn’t love getting an echo, I didn’t have to hold him down for 45 minutes like we used to have to do. He just asked “All done?” about 25 times. 😂 He is growing well and sooo thankful we don’t have to worry about counting all the calories and fight to make sure he’s getting enough. Jesse and I always say that any day we get to leave the hospital is a good day, so…it’s a good day!

Jude does NOT like stickers - these were for his EKG

Jude does love keys!! These were a hug help in getting through his appointment.

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  1. So happy to hear good news. And remember, next year is 12 months away!